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Things you should do annually

Any benefit plan runs on a 12 month cycle. Your National HealthClaim program is no exception and some things should be looked at annually.

Adjusting the Annual Limits

The Benefit Category section is where the annual limits are entered or changed.

Benefit Categories

Each benefit category can be adjusted and will take into effect immediately. A mid year adjustment will apply to the whole benefit year and all employees who are in this category will receive the adjustment. If your company plans on making an annual adjustment or increase, it should be done at the beginning of the new benefit year. For example, if your benefit year ends Dec 31, then do any limit adjustments on Jan 1.

Review all Employees and Dependents

Over the course of a year things change and despite trying to keep things up to date on your benefit plan, things get missed. It is good practice to make any employee / dependent changes during the year, right when they occur but at the end of each year you might want to ensure you didn't forget some detail.