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Submitting a HealthCare Spending Account Claim

Login to your account to enter a HealthCare Spending Account Claim.

Select "Enter a Claim"

After logging into your account, select the button: "Enter a Claim". If you are having trouble logging into your account, visit the help topic: "Password Setup or Reset".

Review the steps of the Claim Wizard

Step 1 is a list of the things the Claim Wizard will prompt you for.

Enter Receipt date and select the Patient.

The receipt date must correspond to the actual date of service, not the date of payment. The patient names to choose from are the ones on file. If a dependent is missing or incorrect, please contact your company Plan Administrator to have it corrected or updated.

If your claim is in reference to a previous claim, please enter this number. Otherwise leave it blank.

Choose the type of service being claimed.

There are 4 categories to choose from: Health, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Drugs.

Dental Claims need a separate "Acknowledgement".

The reason for this check box is to ensure you have read over the additional details that pertain to Dental claims.

Orthodontic treatment claims require an extra document.

The Treatment Plan document is needed with your first claim. It informs National HealthClaim of what future claims will be and what the total will be.

Enter the amount being claimed.

The amount to enter is the amount you wish to claim. If there is another insurance provider covering part of this expense, only enter the amount which was not already paid.

Learn more about the type of documents to submit plus a review of the "Coordination of Benefits" by visiting the "Documents" help item.

Provide additional information if needed.

If there is extra information that you feel necessary to explain your receipt, enter this here. Otherwise, leave it blank and proceed to the "Next" step.

Continue to add more receipts or Submit for processing.

You may enter as many receipts as you wish on one claim. You can also enter receipts for all your family members on the same claim. Once entry is finished, select "Submit the Claim for Processing".

Print and Sign claim form.

The last step is to print and sign the claim form then mail it in for processing along with all supporting documents / receipts. Click "Finish" to complete the claim.

Receiving your Reimbursement

From your Home page, you can access your personal profile information. Please keep your mailing address up to date as reimbursement cheques will be sent there.

Enter your banking information (optional)

If you would like to be paid directly to your bank account (direct deposit), you will need to enter your banking information within "Your Profile". If there is no banking information entered, a paper cheque will be issued and mailed to the address on your account. If no address is entered for your account, it will be mailed to the company Plan Administrator.