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What type of documents should be submitted with an HCSA claim?

There are many different types of receipts and supporting documents you may encounter as you pay for your health and dental expenses. Only some of them are valid or necessary.

What are the essential items a receipt must have?

  1. The patient name.
  2. The date of the service. This is not when the item was paid for. It is when the actual service was done or item purchased.
  3. Provider name. This is the actual name of the company providing the item or the practitioner who provided the service.
  4. The amount.

A Credit Card receipt is not acceptable as it will not contain the above items.

What type of document is needed if another insurance provider is partially paying for the item?

If another insurance provider is partially paying for the item, the document that you must submit with your HealthCare Spending Account is called an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB). This document must show the amount not covered by the insurance provider. You do not need to submit a copy of the original receipt as the EOB is sufficient.

Orthodontic claims require a Treatment Plan.

A treament plan lists the total amount and what the payment plan will be. This document is used by Naitonal HealthClaim to understand and track future claims.