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How does the company "fund" the HealthCare Spending Account?

Pay-as-you-go or Prefund the account.

There are two ways that the HealthCare Spending Account can be funded:

  1. The money for each claim is paid by the company at the time of the claim. This is called "pay-as-you-go".
  2. The company can send in a block of money (called “pre-funding”) to be held in a virtual trust account that will be drawn from as claims come in (the claims are then processed immediately).

All accounts can operate in either mode. Any balance left in the account belongs to the company and can be requested for a refunded.

View account balance

Click on the icon beside "Submit Health Spending Account Funds" to quickly view the account balance or to initiate submitting funds (called "Funding Advance").

Funding Advance

The "Shortfall" is the amount needed to settle the HCSA account and takes into consideration all claims submitted, balance on hand, and minimum balance desired (configurable by company admin). Key in the amount to be submitted and the system will offer two payment options.

How is money sent to National HealthClaim?

Money can either be sent by cheque (Payable to National HealthClaim Corporation) or by Online Banking using your company banking bill payment service. There are detailed instructions online for the Plan Administrator to help with doing this.